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Ben Barron | From 31% to 17%


Ben was a coach at LA Fitness who took interest in my results, especially since my methods were so contrarian to what he learned as a student of exercise science.

His training and nutrition were textbook: lots of whole grains & vegetables, lean meats, low fat, not too much protein, vegetable oils. Frequent cardio and, frankly, subpar training methods.

His metabolic analysis showed he would respond best to a high fat low carbohydrate plan for the time being, and Ben was blown away by the changes in his training.

He lost 18 lbs of fat and gained 14.6 lbs of lean mass in 20 weeks and, despite frequent "date nights", Ben went from 31% to 17% body fat over the course of the year.

It's important to note that in the first two progress pictures, he is the same weight!

Now, Ben is one of our coaches here at Honor Strength and I truly look forward to our continued progress together.

Frank Ricci | 30 lbs. of pure fat
"Take Me To The Next Level"


The first picture is Frank in June of 2021, 28% body fat at 190 pounds. With basic nutrition and training guidance, he was able get down to 20% at 169. 

It was at this point he told me he wanted to reach the next level.

After 10-weeks of thorough nutrition and vigorous training with me 4 times per week,  Frank reached 12% at 152.

That's 17 pounds of pure fat without losing a single pound of lean mass - a year of progress in 10 weeks.

Cassie Fusaro

15 lbs in 8 weeks

Cassie came to me ready to take her physique to the next level.

I only got to work with her for 8 weeks but her effort was excellent: from 176 to 161 without losing a single pound of lean mass!


Mike Messore

Skeleton No More

Mike's transformation is evident in both physique and strength levels.

When Mike came to me almost two years ago, he was told he could never train again after he was hit by a truck that ripped his arm out of its socket.

With proper strength training and a tremendous amount of time on structural balance and soft tissue restoration, here is the result.

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