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Frank's fat loss results, nearly 20 pounds of pure fat lost working with a personal trainer.
Frank's before picture. Goal is to lose fat while building muscle and strength.
Nicole's before picture. Goal is to lose weight and lose fat while building strength and muscle.
Nicole's fat loss results, 50 pounds of fat lost working with a personal trainer.
Ben's before picture. Goal is to lose fat while building muscle and strength.
Ben's results: lost 15 pounds of pure fat without losing muscle working with a personal trainer.

The Best Results in Providence RI, period.

If you're tired of jumping from trend to trend and wondering if what you're doing is working, here's exactly what you'll learn:

1️⃣ why leucine is the key to unlocking muscle growth and lasting fat loss.
2️⃣ how to distribute protein to maximize muscle protein synthesis.
3️⃣ the 3 foundational principles of nutrition for a strong, lean, vibrant physique.
4️⃣ The "best diet" and building your own food pyramid based on these principles, not dogmatic rules about what to eat and not eat.
5️⃣ Understand calorie/energy balance and how other hormonal and lifestyle factors influence your body composition and health
6️⃣ Simplify your nutrition with practical meal plans easily customizable for your goals
7️⃣ Learn when to bulk and when to cut for maximum progress over time; stop bouncing between bulking and cutting because you get fat when you try to bulk and "skinny-fat" when you try to cut.
8️⃣ Explore the importance of supplements for accelerating progress.
9️⃣ And honestly, much more.

At Honor Strength we resolve pain and "never train again" injuries while dramatically transforming your health, strength, and body composition through training, nutrition, manual therapy, and lifestyle programs at our private gym in Providence RI.

Our Private Gym in Providence RI, Honor Strength.
Training at Honor Strength, our Private Gym in Providence RI. This is the old gym in Olneyville.

Daniel J. Furtado, CPT, LMT,
Owner & Head Coach

Mentored directly by the late Charles R. Poliquin, earning the following certifications and others not listed:

- Metabolic Analytics, previously Biosignature, 4 modules

- Kinetic Chain Enhancement, total body

- Mastery of Program Design

- Biomechanical Assessment

- Neural Profiling

- Hypertrophy Bootcamps with Milos Sarcev, the late John Meadows, and Stan Efferding

- Strength Training for Grappling Sports; shadowed and trained with Olympic athletes at the Olympic training center in Colorado, among the most memorable times

Mentored by Matt Wenning, world record powerlifter

Mentored by Rob Jacobs of Outlaw Strength

Licensed Massage Therapist

Total Body Active Release Techniques (ART) Certified

NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Performance Enhancement Specialist

Precision Nutrition Certified

Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Therapeutic Massage

Current Senior in Biochemistry Bachelors of Science program, concentration in Medicinal Chemistry

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