Elite coaching for combat athletes who want a brutally strong, injury-resistant physique.

Health and joint integrity are the foundations of our program.

Health dictates training outcomes by determining recoverability, and joint integrity is key for rapid strength development without injury.

Pictured left, Michael has developed considerable strength considering he was told to never train again after being hit by an 18-wheeler and severely damaging his shoulder.

Optimizing body composition ensures maximum athletic potential at a given bodyweight.

A lean physique allows functional muscle for speed, strength, power, endurance, joint integrity, and body armor, without fat slowing you down.

Ben is pictured right losing 18 lbs of fat and gaining nearly 15 lbs of muscle, a radical transformation with minimal change in weight.


Head Coach Daniel J Furtado, CPT, LMT

200+ hours with Charles Poliquin,

- Metabolic Analytics

- Kinetic Chain Enhancement

- Mastery of Program Design

- Neural Profiling

Licensed Massage Therapist

Associates Degree in Therapeutic Massage

Active Release Techniques, total body

Seminars with Matt Wenning, Stan Efferding, John Meadows, Milos Sarcev, and others


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