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Lose 20 pounds of pure fat in the next 3 months

Only 3 spots available
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Can you train four times per week?
Can you commit to a meal plan?
Can you make lifestyle changes in order to reach your goal?

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We are not your local personal trainer.

Imagine what your body would look like with 20 pounds of pure fat melted off?


You would astonish friends, family, and co-workers - and yourself. You would need to buy new clothes, and you would certainly be showing off your body come Summer.

That is exactly what you can do in 12 weeks and I know you can because I've done it with countless people and I will walk you through every single step of the process.


All you have to do is show up and commit for 12 weeks.

Every week we will create a meal plan together with delicious recipes you won’t believe fit your plan, and we'll schedule the time to shop and prepare them. This way, there's no question you will get results.

You will train four times per week with a qualified coach so you can be sure the training will be intense and high quality, with a program written specifically for your needs & objectives - no generic programs.

We will check your body fat every week and adjust your plans as needed to maximize your results. There is no single diet or training routine that works for everyone - we must optimize your plans for YOU.

Here’s the “catch”: it’s not effortless.

You will have to train vigorously four times per week.

You will have to follow a detailed meal plan.

You will likely have to make lifestyle changes.

If it’s not a priority, do not sign up. If you value the freedom to eat as you please more than reclaiming your health and building the physique of your dreams, do not sign up.

If it's your top priority to transform your body and lose 20 pounds,

scroll up, fill out the form, and click "Submit" to sign up for FREE.

P.S. If you were certain you'd lose 20 pounds of pure fat, would you sign up?

Well, I’m so confident you will get results, we offer a 100% service-based money back guarantee.

No risk, no excuses.

Like I said, we’re not your standard local trainer.

Scroll up, fill out the form, and click "Submit" to sign up for FREE.


Head Coach Daniel J Furtado, CPT, LMT

200+ hours with Charles Poliquin,

- Metabolic Analytics

- Kinetic Chain Enhancement

- Mastery of Program Design

- Neural Profiling

Licensed Massage Therapist

Associates Degree in Therapeutic Massage

Active Release Techniques, total body

Seminars with Matt Wenning, Stan Efferding, John Meadows, Milos Sarcev, and others

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